Welcome to my Land to Sea digital photography art site

Tom Hall is a multi-award winning fully accredited Associate honours AIPP photographer from Brisbane, Australia. 

"Sometimes when my head is spinning and my work is consuming me, I go down to the beach as the sun sets and watch the colours changing over the calming bay. I seem to breathe deeper and I feel more alive! 

 I'll admit, if my feet are in the sand there's often a camera in my hand. However, photographing nature is a very different experience to photographing a wedding. 

Here I can wait. There's no timetable - no expectation. I can watch the colours change while taking in the sounds around me. 

I can click and then think about life, love, purpose, my past failings and my future remedies while the camera processes the light in front of me. I have time to ask myself the bigger questions while the water helps me feel calm enough to process the more confronting answers. Being near the ocean somehow helps me gain courage and perspective. 

The other liberating feeling is that if nature doesn't put on the show I was hoping for, and I go home without capturing that exact image I was after, it's OK. I'll still have had time to unwind and find my peace and quiet - if only for a short time. 

That's why for me photographing nature is so much more than just capturing the image - much like fishing is more than just catching dinner. Catching nothing can still feed the soul."