Point Arkwright, QLD - Point Arkwright is a more dramatic location than a lot of other points on the North Coast. There are lots more rocks and hopping...

Point Arkwright Seascapes

10/06/2014 11:15:40 pm

Point Arkwright Seascapes

I got in the car and began my trip to Point Arkwright, QLD. I was a little concerned that I was wasting my time because the wind had picked up - in a pretty big way. When it comes to timed exposures the idea is to keep the camera as still as possible. The camera shaking while the shutter's open isn't ideal and can result in blurred images. I figured that I could use a large sandbag if the weather got too wild and hopefully I could anchor the camera down enough.

Half way up the coast though I hit traffic. I've never driven up there in the afternoon on a weekday and I had no idea how much things slow down. The GPS was telling me that I'd arrive at 4:30pm (30 minutes before a 5pm sunset), but the traffic had another idea. I kept saying to myself, "Even if I land one great image it'll be worth it!" 

Thankfully I arrived at 4:50pm and there was still enough light for about 30 minutes of photography and the chance to capture a few frames. It wasn't like my usual nature shoot though. I didn't have any time to stop and think about my day to day life. Usually I'll set the camera up and while it's exposing I'll ponder, but I was just too busy trying to keep the camera stable to ensure sharp images. It's all completely worth it though cause the results really pleased me!