The Process

Thank you for visiting my website. 

When I'm not spending my time being a Brisbane Wedding Photographer and helping couples treasure their very special moments forever, I'm creating images of the places that have either found a special place in my heart over the years or have inspired me recently.

When it comes to retelling the stories that nature creates I endeavour to take these pieces beyond the confines of in-camera photography utilising various post processing techniques. While the camera is an integral tool used in the process of capturing the scene, my pieces are then manipulated to enhance the colour, tone and detail. I feel it's important to make it crystal clear that the dynamic range and colour seen in my photography is not captured entirely on location. Although highly advanced, digital cameras are not yet capable of achieving the results you see in my collections without some post production. 

To create a piece that evokes the kind of emotional response I experience when I'm actually there, these frames need to be coaxed with the help of photoshop and other programs like Lightroom. 

Although the process I use is not exactly like that of a painter (whereas a paintbrush is dipped in paint and then manipulated on the canvas, completely contriving the image until it's "complete"), I will use a degree of interpretation to restore the colours and tones as I remember them. 

The camera is the tool used to capture the scene and then digital post processing software is the tool used to enhance the impact of the story captured within that frame. These images are my homage to nature and if I didn't attempt to create imagery that was as stunning as I could possibly make it, then I wouldn't feel like I was celebrating our world's beauty in the way I believe it deserves. 

I invite you to look through my gallery and if you see something that evokes your emotional response I hope you will order a piece for your home. It would be my honour! Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy your stay. 

Warm regards,

Tom Hall